Rhine Cruise – the mountains.

We were nearer the windows on the way back. After leaving Lucerne we drove through the Bernese Oberland.

We stopped and ate our packed lunch then boarded a train to travel up to the mountains. inside train

It was hard to take photographs of this journey because of the movement and where we were sitting but I include a few snaps. view 1 going up

thenview 2 going upthen view 3 going up

Eventually we arrived at the Alpen Garden and got out and looked around. sign

The mountains were topped by cloud. the mountains

It was obviously designed for everyone, including families. model flowerI managed to stop and photograph a few flowers as we wandered around. It was about 2000m above sea level so the air was a bit thin.

Here is a gallery. Just click to see full size.

We were nearer the windows on the way back.view 1 going down

A view down. You can see another train on the track here.view 2 going down

Eventually we were back at the station and I managed to get a picture of the train. outside of trainand this one that shows the rack rail.view of train and rail

There was mostly just one track with passing places.

We then boarded our coach to return to the ship.

A special pudding that night so I took a photograph. pudding

Next day Breisach and the Black Forest.

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