Rhine Cruise – Lucerne

After having arrived in Basel the next morning we were taken by coach to Lucerne.

This is the first sight we saw. first view

We wandered through a busy market. I thought it was a shame we would be fed so well that there was no point in buying anything.marketThen Catherine and I decided to cross the river by the covered bridge. The one with the flowers in the first picture.

This is the view from the other side of the bridge looking up towards the hills. other side of bridge

The bridge was quite a novelty as it had a roof and many paintings

Apparently there used to be more but there was a fire and unfortunately a lot of them were destroyed.

I tried to take some photographs of the paintings as we walked along. This is probably the best one.  painting

We came back over the other bridge and had a wander.

The light wasn’t ideal for photographs but I took a few photos of things that took my fancy.

There was a fountain with a lionfountain

and a painted house. painted houseThat’s my daughter in the bottom right corner.

Here is a closer look at the painting. painting

I thought that it might be of the Last Supper.

There was this tower with a rather splendid clock. tower with clock

A closer look at the clock. clock

And, not the ideal background for a photograph but, this fun pillar. ornamented pillar

We also found a fascinating Equatorial Sundial. equatorial sundial

Here is the explantion of how it works. how sundial works

Of course we found time to do some shopping.

I bought a fridge magnet fridge magnetbecause I was charmed by the way it had three hanging items at the bottom representing a Swiss army knife, a Swiss watch and some chocolate.

We had hoped to also go and see the lion monument pictured on the fridge magnet but realised in the end that we didn’t have time.

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