Sacred Space parts 3, 4 and 5

I finished parts three and four a while ago but thought I would wait to update you all. Especially as I get the feeling that this is maybe of interest to less people.

Notes for part 3

I had a fairly clear idea of what I wanted for this part but was following the pattern rather closely with regard to doing two rounds in the same colour when it became obvious that I was going to run out of the Cornish Blue yarn before I completed the second round. I popped down to a local yarn shop that sells Stylecraft but they didn’t have that colour so rather than wait I decided to change to the white a round early which turned out be to be a very good thing and gave me the look I was after. Sacred Space blanket part 3 complete

Having taken a photograph of the end of Part 3, I then proceeded to start Part 4.

Notes for part 4

It is getting harder to use photographs to decide on the best colours to use, although I was amazed at how good my part three doctored photograph had been.

So I have had to just use my imagination, and looking at other people’s photographs, to get an idea of the best way to go. I was going to make the last few rows here in the two greens but when it came to it I knew that some more pink was needed. So that is what I did. Sacred Space blanket part 4 complete

Having taken a photograph of Part 4, I then proceeded to Part 5.

Notes for part 5

Part five was really just two patterned bands separated by plain sections. I used the two greens (Sage and Spearmint) plus cream for the popcorns as I had intended.

I had been dreading making the central part of the first band leaf designbecause it meant making 3dtr clusters but in the event I actually enjoyed it and found it quite soothing. It is a design I could imagine incorporating into something else. It makes me think of leaves.

I took this photograph as there was too much sun to take it outside to photograph.  Sacred Space blanket part 5 on chair

I want to use the Cornish Blue for the next round and I have just ordered some online plus another ball of yarn for a future project. So I will concentrate on knitting my cardigan (do you remember my cardigan!) until it comes.

I am almost reluctant to go on to making the corners as at present it has the form of a meditative mandala and would be lovely to snuggle under.

Later I took this photograph. Sacred Space blanket part 5 complete

Something of interest

I found a video from Helen demonstrating how to avoid an extra large loop when making trebles (US terms) [double trebles in UK].

This was quite interesting and showed what I try to do plus an extra method that will be worth a go. However I tend to have larger loops for all my dtr (UK) stitches and I think having seen the video that this is partly because Helen uses a pencil hold for her hook (the only correct hold according to my mother but one that I find difficult and uncomfortable) and I use a knife hold plus the fact that for the same tension I use a larger hook because I need to crochet more closely to the hook to keep my tension even and this means that any yarn overs must incorporate more yarn and so perhaps a larger final loop.

I think that my final result while not perfect is still acceptable so I think I will probably just have to accept my imperfections.

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