Almost Adventures

I have spent this summer waiting for my energy levels to stop being extremely variable and unpredictable so I could have some interesting outings.

Unfortunately I waited all in vain; however I was also being careful not to risk a Chronic Fatigue major relapse because I was going on a river cruise with my eldest in August.

I had a bit of a chest infection that started the week before we left, so even so my energy levels were not what they should have been but we had a great time and I survived!

I am now feeling up to sharing some of our adventures(?) and will write occasional posts to cover different parts.

The cruise we had chosen was down the Rhine and we had decided to take the option to go by train rather than fly for the first and last part of the trip.

Although I have been through the Channel Tunnel I had never been on the Eurostar and I ended up at St Pancras with my daughter one Friday morning.

Getting up so early we had not had breakfast and visited the Champagne Bar as a rather special treat. map on table

I suppose this is a bit of a ‘bad news’ / ‘good news’ story as things did not go entirely to plan but with compensations.

We ordered some pink champagne and a breakfast of Brioche French toast, maple-cured streaky bacon and creme fraiche.

The champagne turned up and we sipped it gently not wishing to let it go to our head too much having not eaten anything.two glasses of champagne

After about twenty minutes of waiting we were beginning to wonder when the food would arrive and I stopped the waitress as she went passed to enquire.

We were told it normally turned up within twenty minutes but she would find out; only to inform us that there had been a problem with the printer and our order had been lost but they were making it now.

Time was getting on, so I said that we had a train to catch and if the food did not turn up before we had to leave could it be taken off the bill. (I think we had about another half hour at this point but I wanted to cover all eventualities.)

Luckily the food did turn up about ten to fifteen minutes before we had to leave and we were offered a (free) champagne top-up in the meantime.

It was delicious but we had to eat it a little more quickly that we might have done. (This concludes the bad news section.) breakfast food

When we came to pay we were told that the cost of the food and the service charge had been removed from the bill as compensation. (So that was the good news and the food and champagne were very enjoyable.)

We caught the Eurostar to Paris Gard du Nord and were met and taken to the Gare de Lyon where we caught the TGV fast train to Basel. The journey was fairly uneventful and we managed to find something to eat at the Gare de Lyon.

I didn’t take any photographs till we arrived at Basel where I was attracted by the sight of the unusual fountain. outside the station

Eventually we arrived at the ship,as the light was falling, arriving at the shipready for a welcome dinner and our first night.

Tomorrow Lucerne and the Swiss Alps.

[Unfortunately a holiday like this doesn’t give opportunity for classy considered photographs as most have to be taken fairly quickly as chance arises but I will do my best to present them as well as I can]

9 thoughts on “Almost Adventures

  1. My mouth is watering at the sight of your breakfast. Lucerne is lovely so I am looking forward to that post. Mr E and I had our first holiday, camping in Switzerland, it was wonderful, but then it was young love- I was 19!

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