Lost Garden blanket complete

I am happy to say that I have finally finished the blanket. The last rounds were few but took longer of course.

The two rows for the flowers took an hour or so per side to complete so I took it easy and just enjoyed the ride. There were times when I decided that marking the blanket at frequent intervals would help me not get too muddled counting but as I had lots of yarn ends on my work/meal table that was no problem. ends on table

So here it is finished.

finished blanket

I am really pleased at how it has turned out.

blanket on settee

And another view. blanket on armchair

I used 13 balls of yarn. Sherbet (5), Empire (2), Cream (2), Sage (3), Green (1). Since I bought 17 this means that I have 4 left over Sherbet (3), Cream (1) plus a few smaller amounts.

Now the original estimate of yarn necessary for the blanket ( when sold as a pack) is 17 balls of Stylecraft Special DK so I don’t know if that is erring on the safe side or if it is because my blanket is about 48 inches and the expected size was supposed to be about 57 inches. I used a larger hook too. (4.5mm)

I used 19 balls for my Spectrum blanket and there was not a lot left of each ball. The blanket came out about 4.5ft x 6ft so needing 17 balls for one that was about 5ft square and more densely patterned seemed reasonable.

Luckily I can use up the excess for my new Sacred Space blanket. It gives me 10 balls plus a half ball of Lipstick to start off.

I have to admit there were a few times when I corrected a mistake by fudging things rather than undoing but only when that was possible to do without it being obvious. Life is too short to be absolutely perfect I have decided!

Just a last quick aside. (And I did create this rather quickly.)

I like the way certain things repeat in the blanket as shown below. repeating elements

And for anyone who is interested here are the colours I used by row.

1-11:Cream, 12:Sage, 13:Empire, 14:Sherbet, 15:Empire, 16-17:Sherbet, 18:Sage, 19:Green, 20-21:Cream, 22-23:Sage, 24-26:Sherbet, 27:Empire, 28:Cream,  29-34:Sherbet, 35-36:Empire, 37:Sherbet, 38:Sage, 39:Sherbet, 40:Sage, 41:Cream, 42:Sage, 43:Cream, 44-50:Sherbet.

Then the Corners.

50-53:Sherbet, 54-55:Green, 56:Sage, 57:Cream, 58:Empire, 59-61:Sherbet, 62:Green, 63:Sherbet

Then the outer Rounds (or should I say Squares!)

64-66:Sherbet, 67:Empire, 68:Sherbet, 69-70:Sage, 71:Cream, 72-74:Sage, 75:Sherbet, 76:Empire, 77-79:Sherbet, 80:Green, 81-82:Empire, 83-84:Sage, 85-89:Sherbet, 90:Sage, 91-92:Cream, 93-94:Green.

14 thoughts on “Lost Garden blanket complete

  1. Yay! All done and it looks great. Colours work lovely together. I too ended up with about the same amount of leftover. I thought that I maybe crocheted tighter than I should. I forgot to measure mine and now it’s on it’s way to the US. But it just about covered a double bed to the edge of the pillows, I think.

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