Lost Garden – penultimate post

After squaring the circle I had two decorative bands to complete before the final flowery edging.

This was the time when I needed most to experiment.

For the first, inner band, I knew I needed some more cream for the central part but it was surrounded to banks of front and back post stitches and I needed to work what colours to use.

So I worked a few variations along the beginning of the next round.four versions experiment

There are four in all from left to right. (Sherbet, Empire, Green, Sage) Sherbet, Empire, Green, Sageor (Sherbet, Empire, Sherbet, Sage) Sherbet, Empire, Sherbet, Sageor (Sherbet, Sherbet, Sherbet, Sage) Sherbet, Sherbet, Sherbet, Sageor (Sherbet, Sherbet, Sage, Sage.)

Sherbet, Sherbet, Sage, Sage

I thought at first that I favoured just having a narrow band of Sage either side of the cream clusters and the rest in Sherbet. (Third choice) Which is why I continued with the pattern above. four versions experiment

However overnight I changed my mind and did a bit of a photo fudge to see how that would look. how will this look?

Then again to see how a long band would look. long band look

So that was decided.

If you can use front and post back stitches to create a sort of rib as in knitting, I decided that alternating them, as above, created a sort of moss stitch.

The next part had repeated motifs so I tried one version. first version of motifThen another chosen motifI decided I preferred the second, especially as it would mean there wasn’t a hard line edging. I wanted to keep things fluid.

I have to admit, for reasons I don’t understand, that I found this the least enjoyable and most mistake prone part of the blanket. I made a few mistakes with the number of chains in this part which I didn’t discover till the next round but found I could get the correct look without redoing. 😉

Last of all there were lots of rounds of Sherbet that went more smoothly with lots of counting!

So here is the blanket to date.

Blanket to date

Now I can switch to the other blanket and use the remaining Sherbet yarn there.

The remaining part of this blanket will just be Sage, Cream and Green.

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