Sacred Space blanket CAL!!

The name of the design for this Crochet-along that I have decided to join is “Sacred Space”. For me the most Sacred Space of all is the natural world that surrounds us and I think you will find this reflected in my choices and treatment.

As I showed you before I started out with these colours.

A suitable selection for this theme I decided.

The problem with a design like this is choosing how to use the colours because looking at other peoples versions it is so obvious that you can get lots of different effects depending on what you choose and I would like to try  several all at once!

Like when I was colouring-in

design 1 design 2design 3

and created these three designs from the same colouring sheet.

So lots of decisions to be made.

Although the pattern says 4mm, I was going to use the same 4.5mm hook that I am using for the Lost Garden blanket (since unlike knitting there is no problem in doubling up!)

However when I saw the stitches in the tutorial they looked fairly loose, so I decided to use a 5mm hook. I know lots of people crochet quite loosely but I need the thickness of the hook to keep things even.

I think that I am happy with the hook size and my choice of how to use the colours but I am still reflecting since I could rip it all out and start again if I wanted.

Well maybe not!!

My only problem is that when I make double and triple trebles (US trs & dtrs) the loop that is the stitch is always bigger than my other stitches. I have tried a few things but can’t overcome this. Any suggestions gratefully received but it may be that I am just not coordinated enough, though I don’t remember problems with crochet cotton.

For the blanket I wanted a contrast to the Blush and toyed with the idea of the Pomegranate or Raspberry colours but they weren’t quite right so in the end I went with some Lipstick that I had in my Stylecraft drawer. three possible coloursI also thought I would use some of the cream (that I almost certainly would have left from my current blanket) – for highlights.chosen yarns

After taking this photograph, I have also decided to add in some of the Sherbet that again I think I will have left from what I had bought for my current blanket.

My visual imagination is not good enough to give me clear pictures, so I am glad that I can resort to my using Corel Photo Paint to try out my ideas for colour arrangements.

I have been using the Magic Wand mask tool and the Replace Colours adjustment on the provided photograph of the first part of the blanket to give me a rough idea of how my choices will look. This is just so helpful.h

And finally here is what I have done so far. Blanket so far (almost all the first part)

Not the whole of the first part and the second part is out already but I will go as quickly as is possible and enjoyable. Need to complete the final rows of Sherbet in the Lost Garden blanket next really.

5 thoughts on “Sacred Space blanket CAL!!

  1. I sometimes get that same problem if a larger starting loop. I looked into this for answers. The one that seemed to work was to make first part of the stitch but tighten up the loose before finishing, and also to hold the stitch to avoid stretching. However, this slowed me down a lot. Maybe with practice it gets easier and quicker.

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