Stylecraft do care about Quality and Customers! (and another blanket?)

You may remember that I told you that I was so upset about not being able to get his part of my blanket difficult stitchesto look correct because the yarn was too thin, that I actually decided to contact Stylecraft to complain. Having had to undo a whole round and a half made it particularly painful.

Well Stylecraft got back to me, and I sent them samples of the yarn and some of the yarn I had bought to replace it (that I used in the photograph above) to show them the difference.

They said: “Thank you for your patience. I’m sorry that you have had problems with the shade Sage in our Special DK range. This dye lot is an older batch from a couple of years ago when unfortunately we did receive reports of the yarn going thin in some of the balls that we sold. We have since gone to our manufacturers and corrected this problem and will happily replace this yarn for you. I do apologise that you have had this problem and would like to assure you that this was resolved and our yarn is manufactured to a high standard that ourselves and our customers would expect. Please can you email me your address as we would like to send you some replacement yarn and 3 extra ball in a shade of your choice. We are very sorry about any inconvenience this has caused.”

This was very good to know. I bought the yarn in a local yarn shop, so I can only imagine it wasn’t a popular shade and the yarn had been on their shelf for a long time. The Dye Lot had six figures instead of the four on my other yarn, so if I go to the shop again I will check the dye numbers.

I didn’t complain even in the hope of having the yarn replaced but only because I was hoping that somehow if I did so finding thinner yarn wouldn’t happen again and I could go on using Stylecraft because they have such an amazing range of colours in their Special DK.

But how can one resist the offer of more yarn.

So I opted for three of their new shades and it came on Monday. parcel

This is what was inside. four balls of yarn

The colours are left to right – the replacement Sage, Cornish Blue, Spearmint and Blush.

I had already began to think what I might do with it and couldn’t resist the chance to make another blanket.

I know I don’t need one but I saw this CAL from the same person who designed the Lost Garden blanket and it looked an interesting design so………………..

The CAL started this week, so although I know I am bound to get behind, I made a start. (More on Monday)

And Yes! I am still working on the Lost Garden blanket.

10 thoughts on “Stylecraft do care about Quality and Customers! (and another blanket?)

  1. So good to find good customer service. They really do seem to be a very good company.
    Excited to see your finished Lost Garden and the new CAL – I have been resisting the new one as I have so many projects that need finishing – but I can always make it at a later date, I really like the pattern.

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  2. Wow, good for you! And it is great that Stylecraft replied in a positive and honest way. Oh and the free yarn is a bonus. Cecile


    Liked by 1 person

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