Lost Garden blanket – corners finished

Last week I worked on completing the four corners ready to start doing the outer square rounds. It was good to have short rows to work instead of long rounds but of course that meant lots of end to finish later. Originally I had envisaged completing each corner in turn but I realised that it made more sense to work the same row for each corner in turn because that way after the first one it was easy to remember the stitches. So that is what I did.

I continued to use bits of yarn to mark the stitches to give me confidence that I was starting and ending in the right places. yarn loop markers

Mostly I just tucked them in so they were easy to remove but for important ones, mentioned in the pattern, I pulled the ends through so they would not come out. ends pulled through

I did have an important decision to make when it came to the corners. corner with scallopsI liked the dark blue (Empire) scallops and would have preferred them to stay like that against a Sherbet background, however in following the pattern I had two choices.

Either keep them plain blue but have more dark blue behind where I thought they got a bit lost.first trial corner

or have little flecks of Sherbet inside. second trial corner

I did one corner in each style and compared,comparison of both cornersdeciding that I preferred the one on the right.

Here is a completed corner. completed corners

I photographed the blanket when I had finished the corners but thought it looked almost too textured so tried again with flash but that made it much too flat.

Here you can see the difference.  different photos of blanket

From seeing the blankets Sandra made for her granddaughters in the flesh I know that photographs don’t really do these sorts of blankets justice.

I had time to complete the next three relatively straightforward rounds and I think this gives a better idea of the blanket so far. blanket with corners and three more rows

Not sure how long the rest will take but it doesn’t matter as I have no deadline.


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