Lost Garden blanket update

Making this blanket is quite addictive. I keep wanting to see how the next row (or two or three) is going to look and have only done my knitting to give my wrists a rest from crochet.

This next part has been easier on my wrists than the first section and I have found making the popcorns popcorn stitches in creammore relaxing that making puff stitches. Not that I think my puff stitches are unsatisfactory.

There is nothing so frustrating as getting to the end of a round, or even being part way through on the next round, and having to undo loads of stitches because you have made a mistake and have the wrong number of stitches. So where there were a lot of similar stitches to count I did the counting in advance and inserted pieces of thread as a double check. thread inserts

Making this blanket also gives me all sorts of ideas for making my own blanket using some of the ideas.

With the front post shapes in the centre: maybe instead of a flower shape surrounded by a star flower and star front post stitchesmaking a double star.

I also like the flowers as in this picture from above five flowers same picture as thread inserts

but I think that, because this yarn stretches so much, remembering to not tighten the stitches for the first row of the flowers is not necessary. So I may try that when I do the border at the end.

I can see that, although I admire Helen Shrimptons expertise and creativity, the reason I have not wanted to make any of her designs up to now is because I find them very ‘busy’. It’s not because there are too many colours, because I like lots of colours and they don’t necessarily have a lot of colours, but practically every row is a different colour to the one before and this overwhelms the standout details in my opinion.

Sandra’s version is much calmer which is why I thought to try my own similar version.

This is where I am now: half way round the current round and two more rounds to complete using the same colour. blanket to date



4 thoughts on “Lost Garden blanket update

    1. Only done the marking for one row so far but I had been making the odd mistake on previous rounds and this was working on a whole circle of the same stitches. Even made correctable mistakes getting the yarn in the right places before I could start!! Worked though and now I am counting each point as I do them.

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