Two current projects

Some of you may remember almost four years ago, Yes! four years!, when I went to Hythe and bought a pattern to make a cardigan like one my mother had.

This pattern.

Cardigan pattern
(The yarn in the photo was bought for a different project)

This wool.


to copy this cardigan. cardiganWell the pattern isn’t exactly the same shape but I have done the best I could and have got this far. Cardigan parts I've made Two fronts, back, finished one sleeve and just started the second one.

I must say, being a raglan sleeve, the task of knitting it seemed interminable.

Luckily I found how to do the blocks of six stitches by looking in this book. knitting stitch manualIt’s a really easy pattern to keep track of.

Every other row is just purl and you have three knit rows with holes and two plain knit rows.

The holey rows start with three knit stitches, then repeating (yo, slip one, K2 tog, psso, yo, k3) to the end. The holes line up above each other so easy to see if you make a mistake.

I always count in threes, so all I had to do for the holey rows was check that three plain stitches alternated with a stitch that had a yarn over either side.

Having got this far, I think that the original cardigan was in a yarn at least partly acrylic and although four-ply made on a slightly larger needle but I think I will like the result.

A good thing to make when you are not feeling at your best.

And I also chose to start an easy crochet pattern to make a change from knitting and as a good project to take to chat groups.

Some time ago I made a string bag,string bagrather clever as it fitted into a little case.

But more recently I found this pattern on a blog.

I liked the look of it and I had some odd balls of cotton yarn someone had given me that I hadn’t really wanted and thought that this way I could use it up to make something useful.

The style of the bag is very like this crochet one I made. crochet bag

Both start off with a square that is then gathered to make the bag.

I have made just over half the square. crochet mesh

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