Two blankets – one finished and one yet to be started

Some time ago I told you how I was using some excess yarn to make a lap blanket to be given to a nusing home.

Details found in these posts:

Well here it is. finished blanket on chairit is about 4ft (120cm) long and about 30 inches (75cm) wide.

I went round the edge in the violet. first row of edgingThen used the clematis yarn that I had rejected for the body to add a contrasting edge. finished edgeThere were a few small balls of yarn left over. leftover yarnThese will be added to my stash of small amounts. Maybe one day I will make a random something with them when I have enough.

I also tried photographing it hanging outside on the line but it came out a bit wrinkly. blanket on line

I also told you about my plans for another blanket –

Where I chose the colours.

Well I went to a local yarn shop to pick up a few balls to start me off but when I did so I decided that the Teal of my original choice was a bit too blue for what I had in mind. original colour choice

So I chose the Bottle instead. yarn boughtI haven’t started making the blanket because I have been waiting till I feel more energetic but I have bought the pattern and copied it onto my tablet.

I decided that I didn’t have to worry too much about having all the same dye lots but I did buy two of the Sherbet colour as I thought I may be using more of it.

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