Harvest time!

I don’t have much to harvest in my garden but one of the things I grow is garlic.

I plant it in the autumn at bulb planting time. Just a few cloves from my normal kitchen store.

Normally it is ready to dig up in mid June but this year when I finally got out to do a bit of gardening it was obvious that it was ready.

And here is what I got this time. garlicNot as much as I hoped and interestingly the two you can see in the middle are all one big clove. I have seen garlic like this for sale in the greengrocers.

Still as I have run out of shop garlic, very welcome.

I might try buying some garlic from the garden centre this Autumn for a comparison but you have to buy three heads of garlic and that is a lot of cloves.

As a post with just one photograph of garlic is rather boring, here are some other photographs from the garden.

Everything seems to come on at once but a lot of the photographs I have taken are not worth sharing so hear is a taster.

There are two lots of clematis.

The blue one was planted behind the rosemary bush and is not a very tall growing variety but I had hope it would get a bit higher. clematis

On the other side of the garden there are not many of the red/purple blooms but the white ones are wonderful. two types of clematis

When I was weeding I could smell my patio rose. roseand in the same bed the allium is beginning to open. alliumI do love this one but I don’t know what has happened to the others I planted a couple of years ago.

And because I normally do flowers and bread – this weekend’s bread! bread

Let it rise a bit too much this week but looks edible. A mix of white and wholemeal spelt flour.

2 thoughts on “Harvest time!

  1. I know nothing about cooking or gardening. So really, baking one’s own bread and harvesting one’s own garlic (with two of them being somewhat massive singularities) sounds like paradise to me. 🙂 Cheers!

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