Fairy Baby Coat and Pixie Hat

(Still very tired but feeling a lot better!)

I called the subject of this post a fairy baby coat because Sandra made the pattern as a Sweet Pea Fairy baby coat (Pattern here – https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2019/02/09/free-knitting-patternflower-fairy-baby/) although because of the yarns I had available I made it as a rainbow coat.

Here it is spread out on my ironing board after I had given in an iron before sewing on the buttons.


coat on ironing boardI followed the pattern fairly closely except for the collar. I thought the collar as given in the pattern had an unfinished look so I experimented with a few different ideas and ended up with giving a few rows of stocking stitch followed by a picot edge. collar

I did realise that I was making one mistake though when I got to the upper part of the coat which was that when I slipped the stitches at the beginning of the knit rows I should have not moved the yarn to the back till after I had slipped the stitch and so the right and left edges did not look exactly the same. I was not prepared to undo it all and redo so the fault remained.lower front edge

Not sure if you can see. The edge should be obvious stitches that span two rows.

The upper part is correct. necklineYou can see this especially clearly on the left of this photo.

This is a closer look at the end of the sleeves. end of sleeve A pretty finish which was what made me decide on the picot for the collar.

Here is the finished coat plus buttons. finished coatI decided on crystal ones.

I didn’t have a baby to try it on but then I thought of my doll that I have kept from my childhood.

She is from the days when dolls were make of hard plastic. She has eyes that close and from the holes in her back I think that originally she said “Mama” when you tipped her forward. coat worn by dollI was especially pleased with her when I received her as she seemed to be more the size of a real baby. The coat is maybe a little large for her but not too far out.

Sandra also has a pattern for a pixie hat. Here – https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2019/01/30/free-pattern-pixie-hat/

Which I also made in the same rainbow colours. pixie hatAnd here is the doll wearing both hat and coat. doll wearing hat and coatNot entirely sure what to do with the coat and hat as I made them for fun and not for a specific child.

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