Sorry to be a bit quiet!

Some of my regular readers may be wondering why I have been a bit quiet – or did you think I must be on holiday!

Unfortunately it has been due to the continuing saga of my tooth. Infection, antibiotics and extraction, and now recovery, do not make for high energy, especially as my Chronic Fatigue seems to be getting in on the act. I keep reminding myself that there are so many people with much worse problems than mine but that doesn’t create more energy either.

It is a real shame because I have finished my blanket and the fairy coat and started a new knitting project. Enough for quite a few weeks of sharing.

However I am going for the easy option and talking about my next crochet project.

I always like having a crochet and a knitting project on the go at the same time.

Sandra from Wild Daffodil showed us her latest blanket recently.

I always think the similar blankets she has made are really beautiful and the way she chooses the colours as really clever. I have sometimes been tempted to try a similar pattern but never quite had the courage or a use for the blanket.

But with this latest one, I was really charmed by what she had made of the original pattern and thought I could use a similar, though not identical, way of using the pattern to create a beautiful blanket in a style of working that I have not tried before.

I also was staying at my daughter’s over the weekend and she said she would like having the resulting blanket. So all problems solved!

Now I have studied Sandra’s version and had a few ideas of how I would use colours for the different parts but not decided exactly which colours to chose.

Last night I pulled out some of my samples of Stylecraft Special DK and made a short list of colours to choose from. colour selection

My tentative first choice is this – possible colour choiceBut don’t hold me to it!

8 thoughts on “Sorry to be a bit quiet!

  1. Thank you for all your kind words and the link. It delights me beyond measure to share ideas and inspiration. 😀
    I really like your choice of colours and so glad to know you have a home for it to go to. Does your daughter have any ideas about the colours she would like?
    I do hope you enjoy the pattern – I found it quite relaxing to make as once you have the first few stitches done in each round, you just continue on to the end.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing how your blanket develops.

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  2. I hope the saga of the tooth will come to a pain-free close and wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. Thanks for the link and I absolutely love your lolly stick samples! They look great together and very practical. This looks like a gorgeous colour combination too.

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  3. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles with that tooth.. I do hope things are starting to imporve.. I was missing your letters as to what was going on with you .. and the pictures you share.
    I like your color choices.. and I do hope to see your work as it progresses.
    I am in a slump with my current project…kinted scarf to poncho … I seem to be dropping stitches…so I have put it down.. I wil have to think about some simple project to do then return to it.. Guess it is spring fever or something as I really would rather be outside even if I am not doing anything but absorbing sun light. lol .

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    1. Often a good idea to put something aside if it is not working at present. Hopefully when you go back to it everything will be fine. I like to have a few projects on the go at once so I can chose what I am in the mood for. Been a bit strange lately to only be working on one at a time. Soaking up the sun outdoors is a great idea!


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