My Second ebook!

I suppose it was always my intention, when I realised that there was a third version of my Granny Ripple pattern that I could make, to put them all together.

Samples of all three Granny Ripple blanketsAnd you can find the new ebook for sale HERE.

Yes this is something of an advertisement.

I have already sold one copy though I don’t sell anything like as many copies of my Granny Ripples as I do for my Celtic Coasters. Totally understandable of course.

Putting patterns together in an ebook is very satisfying: giving the ebook a contents page with links to different parts of the patterns and having a joint introduction of General Instructions.

Of course the proof reading is harder when you have so many more pages and originally I had hoped to finish it sooner but I didn’t want it to be less than mostly perfect (I am sure there must be some imperfections) but hopefully nothing that affects the actual accuracy of the patterns.

In fact I enjoy making these ebooks so much. I am wondering what else I could do!

And here is a quick peak on how the latest blanket is getting on.

part of latest blanket

The third Granny Ripple – the one on the left and I think likely to become my favourite!

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