More Colouring

I am getting on well with my latest blanket but it is not yet completed and I am still leaving the more tricky sewing for the rainbow baby coat so I decided to share this with you.

Still feeling below par, I have been finding that doing a bit of colouring in the afternoon has proved soothing.

Always one to do things in an orderly fashion, my natural inclination would have been to colour the second picture in the book next, however I found it rather off putting. second mandala in bookThough you can see I have now, more recently, just started with what look to me like mountains.

It was especially the horrid faces that put me off. facesSo the second picture I coloured was the third one. And I covered up the one in the book to not be distracted by their choice of colours. my colouring of third mandala

I started at the outside ring and worked inwards over a couple of days.

The one in the book was quite different. third mandala in bookAs you can see, it looks as if the originals were done with paint third mandala book version and the outlines are a simplified version done later.

For the one I completed this last week (the fourth in the book) I was happy to see their version while I did it as I was now confident that I knew what I wanted to do.

fourth mandala in bookAlthough the outer curls did look to me as if they were meant to be waves rather than flames (even without looking at the completed one) I decided to make them flames and to be a bit enterprising in not simply colouring the area in one colour but starting with red at the edges then orange and lastly yellow where there was room. my colouring of fourth mandalaThis was done after I had completed the rest of the colouring but I even went back after this and shaded the edge of the purple, blue and green shapes to add a more 3D quality.

I have noticed that the person who drew the outlines although competent was in no way a perfectionist and does not appear to have made the shapes perfectly symmetrical, as I would have done. This was especially obvious with the size of the small circles I have coloured in in black.

In the mandalas I showed you here – My aim was perfect symmetry even if I didn’t achieve it.

They also missed out a line in this one. missing lineSo I have decided to be more relaxed and not be too worried about being perfect either!

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