Not quite a yarn bowl!

I haven’t done anything other than continue with my blanket this week due to having another minor health problem that I won’t bore you with.

Now in the past I have thought about buying a Yarn Bowl and seen pictures of beautiful ones.

I have always thought a wooden one would be best as it is less easily broken that ceramic, however they are rather expensive and though I have seen places you can buy them online I would prefer to handle it if I am going to spend all that money.

However having wound all the yarn for the blanket into balls I did wonder if maybe a yarn bowl was just the thing that I needed as the slippery surface would allow the ball to unroll more easily.

Now from a long time ago when my son had a fancy for Douwe Egberts instant coffee, that is the brand that I generally buy. I now have far too many of their storage jars but the refills packs are often more expensive than buying the jars and they can be recycled, so I had a recent emptied jar to hand.

Some of the larger balls had to be squeezed to go in but this one fits quite nicely. jar on sideI do actually use the jar standing up!

jar standing upAnd as I suspected it is a great idea as the ball unrolls more easily and stays where it is put. Win, Win!

This is how far I have got with the blanket. blanket so farMaybe about half way. I did try the clematis (pinky mauve colour) but decided that it didn’t really fit in, especially now I have more earth colours included.

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