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I have got a bit out of pattern with my posts but I had a few things to share that you might like so here it is.

On Monday I was still trying to be careful and recover from being unwell but it was such a lovely day that I thought a walk round The Common broken by a bit of crochet was just what the doctor ordered!

I didn’t take my camera as I thought that I would then concentrate on taking photographs and this might be stressful as I strove to make them the best I could.

However I did have my phone with me and couldn’t resist recording my time in the middle of my walk while working on my blanket.

This is a really relaxing project. This pattern of all my Granny Ripples seems the easiest to make without mistake or to notice such soon after. When I made the earlier one, I don’t know if it was using the black that was hard to see but I felt all the time that I was making the stitches too firmly and so the blanket had less give than normal, though it seems to have recovered now.

I walked to the highest point of my decided route round The Common and since all the nearby seats were occupied I chose a suitable spot under a tree a place to sitand sat down.

I worked on my crochet enjoying the sunshine. starting to crochet

Ahead of me was the boating lake. view straight aheadand on the left there was a view toward The Avenue. view to the leftYou can’t see the road but it is the other side of the distant trees.

Above me the tree branches stretched, as yet leaf free. tree branchesEventually I was becoming a bit uncomfortable, so I decided to stop where I had got to and continue my walk. how far I had gotContinuing down the nearby path, I just had to take a photograph of the water coming from under the bridge where I used to play ‘Pooh Sticks’ with my children. water coming from under bridgeJust to complete this post  I have two other things to share.

I don’t often get to interact with people who buy my patterns but when I do I always like to see what they make.

Here is a couple of makes from someone who bought my Celtic Knot Coaster ebook. (Of course I asked her permission to share.)

An original Celtic Coaster original Celtic Coasterand the Triquetra Coaster triquetra coasterNeither of them colour choices that I would have been likely to make but looking so good.

And just to finish

This past weekend I got it into my head that I would like to have a proper roast for a change instead of just having an imitation roast from a chop or chicken piece.

So I bought a chicken and decided that I would go to the extra trouble of stuffing. Now normally I buy a small loaf of white bread for the stuffing but ever since I heard about the “Chorley-Wood Process” and learnt about all the things that are added to commercial bread dough to make it quicker and easier to produce, I have been more and more reluctant to buy shop bread.

Since I have discovered how easy it is to make a small loaf with my Food Processor, I decided to make two loaves that Friday. One white and one half-and-half spelt flour (Half-and-half because I had white and wholemeal and it seemed the best way to use it.)

So here they are. two loavesThe spelt loaf on the left and the white one on the right. I thought they looked good just like shop loaves!

I cut both crusts off the white bread to help it dry out a bit and be ready to make stuffing. and one crust off the spelt loaf. three crustsAnd, yes, they tasted good too.

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