A Bit of a Rethink!

I told you that I have been a bit under the weather lately. Well it suddenly came to me that maybe the amount of yarn I had selected for my latest blanket wasn’t nearly enough!

This was for two reasons

One (more serious!)

I was aiming for a ‘lap blanket’ so I was going to need a similar amount of yarn to that for my recent blanket. previous blanketAnd the total weight of the yarn I had put together was only about half that!!!!!! earlier colour choice

Two (still relevant)

Since I needed about 12-13g for a double row of the pattern, if a ball would give me a number or rows with an extra 10g left over that was not enough for a full row. Just having the total weight needed in the balls was still not enough.

So I went back to my stash and pulled out some larger balls that were colours that would harmonise (I rejected reds, oranges and yellows! – not many of those anyway.)

In order not to add in any almost full balls I decided to add in some of the neutrals that had been used for sea and sand blankets – still quite suitable I felt. added colours

So here is the new selection. new collection plus blanket to dateIv’e completed a bit more of the blanket too. About time I added in some of the colours in the larger balls as they will provide more rows. Wouldn’t want to have several rows the same colour at the end!!

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