Colouring in!

Over a year ago now my younger daughter bought me a colouring book. colouring book

At the time I wasn’t sure if colouring in pictures was a good idea because of the arthritis in my wrists.

However with time the pain is much less and recently I went through a period of being crazily anxious and I needed something to distract me and so I decided to start colouring in the first mandala.

For each mandala there is a coloured version and then a drawn one for you to fill in. It would appear that the coloured versions were painted and then the drawings made from them.

This is the first one that is given. book versionIt is called “Peace of Soul” but I didn’t find it peaceful at all. For some reason I actually found it slightly disturbing.

How do you find it?

In fact, although they are all very colourful, I do not like any of the ones suggested. full range of mandalasMaybe I find the colours a bit harsh.

I have a set of colouring pencils I bought years ago. colouring pencilsThey are water soluble and, although I have never found using water with them worked for me, I like the way they produce a soft finish that blends well.

As you can see some are really worn down (one so much that you can’t see it!) This is more because of broken leads that use.

I like them because there is a good variety of blues and both purple and violet. Not all selections have this. I recently thought to buy some more but found that you can no longer get this make and didn’t find another selection I was pleased with.

So here is the result of several sessions of gradually working through the whole design. my versionAs you can see, I am not especially good at colouring. I was pleased that these days I can mostly keep within the lines!

Here are the sample version and mine, to compare. comparison

8 thoughts on “Colouring in!

  1. I never look at their versions as I usually don’t like theirs… I like doing my own thing and most folks like my version better… just as I like your versions better… I have one that is just feathers… and one that is just flowers… I find the feathers more entertaining…

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  2. Hi did you know you can download a colouring page to your touch pad i’m not sure about the i pad it is called Happy colour every day there are new patterns and they have a library of different colouring pages including mandalas there is a number for each piece of the pattern and some are very lovely i am very addicted to them

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    1. No I didn’t, though I do have an app on my tablet that includes patterns to colour in and where you can add your own patterns too. My tablet is Android. Thanks for the thought though.


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