A new blanket

A bit late this week as I haven’t been feeling well. Still not feeling too good but well enough to do a short post.

I have finished the knitting for the baby coat I showed you last week but there are a lot of ends to sew in and seams to sew up and, although I started, I decided that I should wait to finish it until I am feeling more “on the ball” as they say!

So I decided to get myself together enough to start a new blanket.

There are two aims with this blanket.

  • To use up some smaller balls of Stylecraft yarn as I have so many.
  • To make a more regular multi-colour version of my ‘Slow Granny Ripple’ pattern.

As I don’t really need another blanket, I am making a lap blanket that could be used by a local nursing home.

I got together what I think would be enough yarn, choosing part used balls in various blues, purples and one green shade. yarn for blanketMore recently I wound the yarn into balls, where it had not been done already, to save me getting to that tangled stage!

And of course I had to arrange them in a logical order, justforfun!yarn would into balls and arrangedHaven’t got very far yet. start of blanketThis is going to be a bit of a new departure for me because in the past I have always planned blankets in advance, especially as to which colours I would use and how I would arrange them.

I am not going to make this by a ‘put in my hand and pull out a ball’ method but I will just choose the next colour as I go along. I think the critical bit will be to use more of the larger balls, so as not to end up with all of one colour left for the last few rows. It is also possible that I might find that I haven’t enough yarn for the size I want if lots of balls end up with lengths that are almost enough for a row but not quite! Still we shall see. I do have other colours in my drawer I could use.

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