This is how far I have got!

I seem to have only one project on the go at a time at present.

I would have liked to show you a finished item but rather than not post anything this week I have photographed what I have got.

One of my “Crafty Coffee” friends is about to be a grandmother for the first time and is understandably excited.

She doesn’t know if it will be a boy or a girl and the baby is due in the next month or so. What she was able to tell me is that apparently grey is the new white for babies!

I therefore looked for a pattern and found this on Ravelry: I have decided to make the six month size thinking it will be useful for next winter. It’s a Patons pattern but I discovered that the best range of colours – and you know me; I like colours! – was to be found in King Cole Baby Big Value DK.

And the best and cheapest place to buy it was in my local hardware shop – Portswood Hardware! Which was really good as it gave me a chance to see the colours, as it was very hard to be sure which were the best colours looking on the screen.

I chose the following. yarn I bought

Far more than I will need as the pattern specified three 50g balls of main colour and 50g of each of three background colours.

So I will be trying out Wild Daffodil’s baby coat and hat when this is finished.

I have made the back, both fronts, the sleeves and have just started the hood that will take a while as it has rather a lot of stitches. pieces I've finishedThen two button bands, a lot of sewing and finishing ends and it will be done!

It’s a bright day (Sunday) but I still didn’t find it easy to photograph.

However here is a closer look. right side closeAnd the other side of the fabric. reverse

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