More Bread and Flowers

Recently I seem to have lost interest in taking photographs except as was necessary; however the new Spring flowers have tempted me to make the effort.

First the flowers

On Tuesday seeing the sun, I rushed out to take a few photographs before it disappeared. (Actually it became quite a bright day.)

First I went out the front and photographed the daffodils in the pots. tete-a-tete daffodilsThese are Tete-a-tete daffodils.

And a close up of another favourite of mine the February Gold daffodil. February gold daffodilI just love the way the petals and sepals have that upward curl.

Later I went out and took this picture from behind. two February gold daffodils from behindThere are a couple of rogue daffodils that seem to have escaped from the pots to the edge of the paving among the plants of which I can never remember the name.

rogue daffodilI can only think these come from seed dropped from the ones in the pot since I have never dug them up.

It looked so lovely with the rain drops that I made a close up. rogue daffodil close upI then went out the back. The main colour there was from the snowdrops and hellebore. snowdrops and helleboreBut they did not look their best when wet, so I came back in the afternoon.

The snowdrops are maybe past their best but I am so please at the way they have gradually multiplied. snowdropsThe hellebore looked so beautiful and prolific in their own way. hellebore I had to lie on the ground to take this!

And again a close up of one flower. one hellebore flowerAnd lastly I found a few daffodils coming up next to the sage bush in the herb bed. daffodils near sage bushWhich reminded me that I meant to cut back the sage bush before it takes over!

Now the bread

After my op, my digestive system didn’t seem to handle wholemeal bread well, so I had to revert to the white sort. When you have taught yourself to love wholemeal bread this is not easy, as white bread has a different texture and tastes insipid in comparison. So after a few months I tried half and half bread as a compromise. However this last weekend I decided I would give a proper wholemeal loaf a go.

I was pleased that the loaf (home made of course!) turned out just like proper wholemeal bread. wholemeal loaf cutAnd my tummy coped pretty well too, so it’s wholemeal from now on!

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