My Slow Granny Ripple!

Having realised, some time after the event, that my ‘Soft Granny Ripple’ (title given by someone other than myself) Spectrum blanket on bedwas actually not the symmetrical design I had been aiming for, which had been a granny version of this sort of ripple. ripple pattern cushionI created what I called my ‘Smooth Granny Ripple’. smooth granny ripple blanket on chairHowever realising that the original Granny Ripple was a hybrid of this and a gentler ripple, I resolved to turn the other half of the ripple into a pattern.

Now on Ravelry as “Slow Granny Ripple” –

For this I decided to revisit my spectrum colours, adding Sherbet between Cloud Blue and Aspen to give a total of sixteen colours.spectrum coloursI decided to use them interleaved with black.

I started with Emperor as before and was getting a little bored with the cold colours but it really brightened up when I added in the orange (Jaffa).

blanket up to orange stripeHere is the main body of the blanket finished. blanket bodyI decided on a simple border, that wouldn’t upstage the body part, with an initial round of black treble (UK) groups followed by a row of dcs (UK). I then turned the blanket over and added grey trebles (UK).

I had run out of Stylecraft grey (Silver) yarn and I have been less happy with Stylecraft yarn of late finding it to have become rather rough and fluffy so I bought some basic acrylic yarn from Portswood HardwareKing Cole grey yarnwhich seemed as good.

I finished off with another row of dcs (UK) in black. blanket finishedMy plan for the blanket was to use it to embellish my Ikea Poang chair that I have in my study/guest bedroom. blanket on chairAnd here with my cushion added, as you would normally see it. blanket on chair with cushionThe idea is that if I am in the study and feel a bit chilly it will make a good wrap. wrapped in blaketNow I have my three Granny Ripple patterns I can see an new eBook coming on!

Here is a comparison of all three. all three granny ripples

9 thoughts on “My Slow Granny Ripple!

    1. Yes it was the colour range I especially liked about Stylecraft. I don’t think the King Cole yarn was better than the Stylecraft, just no worse. (Don’t know about colour range.) I found King Cole had a really good range of baby yarn too as you will see.


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