My First eBook!

I have just published my first eBook on Ravelry. Ebook photograph

My “Celtic Knot Coasters ebook” Never sure whether I should capitalise the ‘B’ in eBook or not.

It pulls together all my present Celtic Coaster patterns

Original Celtic coasterEdged Celtic coasterOctagonal Celtic coaster

plus my more recent Triquetra Knot Coaster as a bonus pattern.

Triquetra Knot coasters

And I have even made three sales.

I put a lot of work into the ebook though it is pdf format not epub as that is the only format Ravelry allows. Mind you, when I experimented with saving the patterns as an epub file I found that it does funny things to the pictures so pdf is more satisfactory.

I included print friendly (i.e. no photographs) versions at the end of the book but did a bit of editing of the patterns, mainly language, before it was concluded so I hope I changed everything in step.

Next week I will have details of another pattern to share with you. A variation on a theme sort of pattern.

14 thoughts on “My First eBook!

  1. How wonderful for you. I am so glad you were able to do this and hope sales pick up. I know alot of folks look at this type of crochet and shake their heads as too hard… .. now with your book, it might be easier for tehm.

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    1. I am not expecting to sell great numbers as most people just seem to want the original Celtic coaster but it was fun to sell some straightaway. I expect it was because the Triqutra coaster appeared on Ravelry’s recent list.


  2. I don’t normally purchase books anymore as there are so many free patterns to choose from. But I wish to be an encouragement to a fellow craftsman who has more guts than me… to put it all together in a book!

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    1. I know what you mean about free patterns. I look for them first though I have paid for some special ones. I try to make my patterns moderately priced and I do feel people are paying for the effort of making a pdf. I also have free ones that are just in posts and less checked.


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