First Slippers now Socks

You may remember these slippers that I made for James. slippers

Well when it came to Christmas since I had his foot measurements I decided to make him a pair of socks.

As he is a man I thought that maybe self stripping yarn might not be the best and decided on a plain colour with texture.

This is when I discovered that the only plain sock yarn I could buy locally was in a boring colour – grey I think – and hard to find even in grey!

So since I knew that James likes turquoise – Not just slippers but one of the colours for the bunting I made for his room – bunting

and since I knew that Drops made an acceptable turquoise sock yarn since it was the one I had used for the heels and toes of my daughter’s and granddaughter’s socks. granddaughter socksThat is what I bought.

Here is the best photograph that shows the texture I chose. part made sockThe light was apalling for photographs before Christmas and the socks didn’t photograph easily.

I bought the yarn rather late in the day and was a bit pushed to finish the socks, especially as my wrists started hurting! I think it was the purl stitches that were the problem and I not only had to take a few days off making them but when I started again often found I could only do a few rows at a time.

I even imagined that I might have to give him only one sock with promise of another to come.

But luckily they were finished in time.

finished socks

As you can see I made the leg part as long as the foot part and in fact only had a very small amount of the yarn  left. leftover yarnHere is another view showing the tops lying over the feet.. socks foldedAnother present that was appreciated and he seemed to find the fact that they fitted a pleasant surprise! I didn’t take that as a lack of faith in my abilities on his part.

8 thoughts on “First Slippers now Socks

  1. With no word of a lie, I can honestly say that these are the best socks that I have ever owned. They slip on with no effort, fit perfectly, they even fit inside the slippers if I want to wear both. Thank you so so much, you are an incredibly kind and talented lady.

    And yes, the bunting is still above my bed, the best bunting ever.

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