A Suitable Gift for a Granddaughter

Here is details of what I made for my granddaughter.

I wanted to encourage her love of crochet and I had acquired some crochet hooks and a book on crochet from someone at Crafty Coffee who had things to get rid of.

So I decided to give her a ready made stash and bought a wicker hamper from Hobbycraft.

Now I was afraid that the inside of the hamper might snag the balls of yarn, so I got together a piece of fabric and some bias binding and tape to make a lining.

hamper material and binding and tape If you look closely you will see that I have pinned the corners experimentally, as I had decided that I could make a lining from a rectangle with no more cutting.

This wasn’t quite as easy as I thought because the bottom of the hamper was not quite a regular rectangle but I found a satisfactory solution in the end.

I started with my sewing machine to sew the pinched corners but for some reason I could not get the tension right. However I decided that what I had done would be good enough but that I would need to add the bias binding by hand.

So I got my pincushion that I had won from a giveaway and some needle and cotton. (Seasonal!)

pin cushionand settled to sew.

I used a sort of loose backstitch (maybe you can see why sewing is not really my thing).bias binding row of sewingBut it was good enough and I folded the binding over and secured it in the normal way.

I then attached pieces of tape to the corners to tie it to the hamper. lined hamperBefore this I had decided to make a crochet case similar to the one I had made for myself. empty hook casebut with less holes.

I fitted the hooks I had acquired inside hooks in caseleaving space for what she has already and more in the future and rolled it up. hook case rolled upThen I filled the hamper with the balls of yarn I had bought. hamper filledThere was a rainbow selection plus a plum colour of King Cole Dollymix DK acrylic yarn 25g balls and a rainbow selection with two shades of green plus pink and white balls of Rico Ricorumi DK cotton yarn – 25g.

As you can see I tucked the hook case down the side.

Closed the hamper and added the book on top. hamper with book on topThen it was packed up in Christmas paper.

I am pleased to say that my granddaughter loved it!

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