Food and Fun!

Now I can share with you some of the presents I made for Christmas this year.

Lets start with the food.

My eldest loves ginger and I have made her so many coasters and hats and scarves that I couldn’t think of anything fibrous to give her.

So I made gingerbread. The biscuit, ‘gingerbread men’, variety.

You can see my basic recipe HERE

I made two sorts.

One lot with dark brown sugar and mollases the other with light brown sugar, and golden syrup.

The recipe uses icing sugar because that makes the dough moldable but I only wanted to cut out shapes so I used normal brown sugar.

I put small pieces of crystalised ginger in the first mixture and used my star cutter.

The second paler one, I cut into snowflake shapes and put a piece of crystalised ginger in the centre of each one.

gingerbread stars and snowflake shapes

All these came from the first cutting. Since I also like ginger I used the rest to make the same for myself. The stars were a little thicker and I was worried about whether they were cooked enough so gave them an extra couple of minutes which has made them a bit on the hard side but hopefully my daughter will still like them.

I packed them in a “Really Useful Box”.

gingerbread wrapped

Then I wrapped up this and the presents for other members of the family.

That is were the fun comes in!

In a previous post I wrote about how I liked to pack present on the floor so I could use my feet as well as my hands.

Well this time I took a few photos so you could see what I meant.

If the paper is behaving itself, holding the reel of sticky tape with a foot means you have two hands to use for cutting a piece off! foot holding tape

But if holding the paper in place is more difficult you can use your leg using leg and footat the same time,

or maybe your knee, using knee and footdepending on the size and shape of the package.

With best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

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