Cranberry sauce recipe

I have just made this and taken photographs quickly with flash.

The recipe is mainly for my niece but I thought anyone might be interested.

It is my own personal combination from a variety of recipes as I like the addition of the orange and cinnamon flavours.

Here is a copy of my recipe card.

recipe card

But first you need to find a couple of suitable jars (or one large one if you prefer.) The ones I use originally contained pesto.

two empty jarsYou need to sterilise these and I keep the details on the other side of the card. jar instructionsNow gather together the ingredients. ingredients

The pack I bought only contained 200g of cranberries so I reduced the sugar to 75g.

Wash the cranberries. washed cranberries

Zest the oranges. orange zestNow I always think it is a bit wasteful to squeeze the oranges for juice when I have cartons of juice in the fridge. So I use a carton. This small carton contains just over twice what I need so I drink the rest!

carton of orange juiceand eat the oranges later. two zested orangesPut all the ingredients into a pan on the cooker
ingredients in panand heat and stir to dissolve the sugar. cranberry mixture stirredWhen most of the cranberries have popped. cranberries poppedRemove the cinnamon stick and put in the jars. cranberry sauce in jars with cinnamon stickAdd the lids. two jars with lidsThis will keep for quite a while.

I was making them very quickly today but ideally, and to make them keep the longest, you would fill the jars and put waxed circles on the top to exclude the air.

As here – jar with wax disc to seal

I open one at Christmas and then open the other (to go with roast chicken) when the first is finished.

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