This Time of Year!

I really don’t know why people choose to have a big party in the middle of winter when all is cold and dark rather than digging a big hole and hibernating!

Maybe I haven’t been using my SAD lamp enough lately? (but some mornings it seems like too much effort to set it up – maybe those are the mornings I need it most?)

I shouldn’t complain about making a Christmas cake though as I am making it for me. With no glace cherries (I had thought I had some from last year but had sensibly finished them up!)  and no alcohol, at least it will be something to offer my second daughter and husband if they pop in. She doesn’t like glace cherries and he won’t even eat food with alcohol in if he’s driving.

I decided Saturday should be another morning for food preparation.

Definitely not a day for going outside!weather outside

Need some music. Lively, to keep me awake, but happy too.

a-ha CDBought this recently. My eldest’s favourite music at one time. Happy memories!

First marzipan for the cake. I forgot how easy it is to make and picked a packet up at the supermarket. At least the lutein they used to colour it is the same stuff that I take for my eyes! Normally I buy the white one but it was all gone. marzipan on cake

Not perfect but as I am going to rough ice it it doesn’t matter and you can all think how much better yours is!

A small piece of marzipan left over of course to eat later! small ball of marzipan

Now the mince pies.

I was tempted to buy them this year but when I read the ingredients, I thought better of it. Why does so much food have glucose fructose syrup in it. I find foods like that overly sweet.

I had already made the mincemeat and had it bottled up in the fridge. jars of mincemeat

And greased the tins well so the pies will come out easily when they are frozen. greased tin

“I’ve rubbed up the pastry but If I am going to have my usual mug of coffee I should do it now.” pastry and coffee

Back to work!

Some more music. another CDAnother CD I bought lately.

Finally the mince pies are made. Ready for the freezer. mince pies madeTime for lunch.

After lunch – Present packing. ready to pack presentsThings for my younger daughter’s family to take over on Tuesday. packed presents

Always best using the floor for packing presents; means I can use feet as well as hands to hold things in place!

More present making tomorrow for my other daughter’s family! But then I have till Friday to get them ready.

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