Christmas card update and some bread

It has been pointed out to me that it is actually possible to make two star cards out of one A4 sheet thus. Two triangles on pageSo I thought I would share this fact with you as it saves paper.

Not having any other knitting or crochet to share with you since my making is very much geared to Christmas presents. I will share my latest bread and similar.

I have been making a small loaf every Friday and started making it on a baking sheet rather than in a tin as it is easier all round and still fits in my toaster!

This week I made some granary bread. granary loaf(As an aside: I have never liked using flash for photography but lately it has been so dark most of the time that it hasn’t been possible to take a decent photograph with just daylight. I don’t know if it is because I now am using LED lights in the kitchen but recently I have had a lot of problems with correcting the colour of photographs taken using electric light so here I resorted to flash and it gave a clear photograph that needed little adjustment.)

I also made a couple of pizza bases.

I like to cook them for five minutes and then I freeze them ready to be taken out and defrosted before adding toppings.

This time they seem to have bubbled up a lot, not sure why. two pizza basesI suppose it might be that I did them at a different temperature. I don’t make them very often. The one on the left was pulled into shape by hand to start with and then finished off with a rolling pin but was hard to get circular, so for the one on the right, I chafed the dough and then used a rolling pin. Not for me this clever tossing from hand to hand that cooks in pizzerias do!

2 thoughts on “Christmas card update and some bread

  1. How wonderful to read your blog today. I enjoy every time I receive a message from you but today your kindness and soft voice was just what this heart needed. Thank you, Cecile P.S. and maybe I can make that lovely bread I see today. Fingers crossed!

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