Christmas card 2018

I am making so many hand-made presents this year that I wasn’t sure if there would be time to make my own Christmas cards.

However the idea I had was a matter of printing and folding and didn’t involve time-consuming crochet or cross-stitch, so I finally sat down on Saturday to see what I could do.

If you do a search on the internet you will find lots of places offering to tell you how to make a star shaped card.

I had found one of these places quite a while ago and thought that since Jesus was Jewish and the six pointed square is a symbol of Judaism that the shape of card would make an excellent Christmas card. It is also rather clever.

Here is a photograph of the first pageFirst page


I used my Corel Draw program to draw the triangle and then added some slip art in appropriate places.

The other side is like this:- second pageWhen I was happy that everything worked, I removes some of the lines and just left those that I needed to cut and fold the card in the right places. First page some lines removed

and the second page. second page some lines removedAnd here is the finished card.

I decided to use some yellow or cream paper for the card as it produces a stiff enough result and is easier to fold.

As I was using A4 paper the card is relatively small. Finished cardIt should fit in a standard C6 envelope.

Here it is when opened. card open

15 thoughts on “Christmas card 2018

  1. What a creative idea! I enjoy origami when I make the time to play. I can see me keeping this for future reference.
    I’m sure those who receive your card will be amazed and grateful.

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    1. I let the computer do it! I learnt to do calligraphy in school but when I discovered computer fonts, I realised they were so much better at it than me!! This font is called Buscephalus after Alexander the Great’s horse. It is one of my favourite fonts.


  2. What an interesting design. They certainly will be eye catching
    I need to sit down and paint my Christmas cards this weekend. I keep putting it off…

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