Making improvements and some freebies

Do you know how it is when you get bored?

I have been working on my jumper for a while now and it was all fine till it came to the collar.

I decided to work on circular needles to save me having to sew a seam. It is going to be a lovely collar when it is finished. jumper pattern

But working rib round and round has got a bit much. Not too good for my wrists either.

I have got this far. collar of jumper in progressI am more than half way at least, just another 10cm to go!

So I decided to work on my turning Celtic Coasters into blanket squares

(Do you remember?) original squares joinedand decide to check out my squaring method on an odd cotton square I had.

This led me to realise that it wasn’t just acrylic yarn and haste on my part that led to my squares being a bit squiffey.

So a bit of experimentation and some maths led to an improvement. cotton square edgedSecond iteration!

And maybe a second round is even better.

two squares joinedNow to the freebies.

Someone I know from my Friday ‘Crafty Coffee’ group is moving and has decided to get rid of some of her knitting and crochet books of which she obviously has a great number.

I picked up these. free booksYou may see me working some of the patterns from them in the future.

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