What do you think?

I wasn’t sure what to give you today. I have been busy lately but two items are a Christmas present and I am half-way through a jumper and have just started a blanket.

I did find some photographs of a recipe I made that I don’t think I have shared so I wondered about that but then I ended up playing around with an idea yesterday and decided to ask what people thought.

In the past when I have shared my Celtic Coasters. set of Celtic coasterdPeople have asked if you could have a Celtic blanket.

Now my cushion Celtic cushion(plus considerations of colour choice) showed that a blanket made in the same way would not work as the strips would move too much.

The cushion looks fine like this but when someone manages to get it all out of shape, I have to re-straighten all the strips. Easy on a cushion but no good for a blanket!

However someone asked the same question with my more recent coasters. Octagonal Celtic coasterEdged Celtic coaster

I told them that the octagons could be fitted together but there would be square holes that would need to be filled.

Now the question

On Sunday although I had a choice of knitting – jumper or crochet – blanket, I had an idea and I looked for the coaster I had made in acrylic at the start of this Celtic coaster journey. Celtic coaster in acrylic yarnand I discovered that I had another acrylic one I had forgotten about from when I made a matching coaster and place mat. Place mat and coaster

I tried a few alternative ways of making an edging that would create a square. Then sewed them together. two Celtic coasters in acrylic yarn: edged and joined(They did look much more square before I did the sewing!) Colours chosen to show.

This morning I tried to imagine what a blanket with this sort of coaster square would look like and came up with this, which is a single bed size nominal 4 x 6.7 foot (120 x 200 cm) blanket.

imagined large single bed size blanketI chose my favourite coasters for it but not sure a random version wouldn’t be better.

What do you think? Would this work as a blanket.?

There would still be a little give in the squares but no bigger intermittent holes created than for a granny square.

9 thoughts on “What do you think?

    1. I wasn’t actually thinking of making it but I was wondering whether to share how to do the edging with people who had bought the pattern, since I have been asked about using it for a blanket. Thanks for your opinion. 🙂

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  1. Wow, you are really exploring all there can be done with the Celtic design. So impressive. The virtual blanket that you have created has a sort of plaid look to it. It looks like the small squares with an edging sewn together would make a blanket – someone could try a baby blanket size to start with.
    Your cushion in stunning.

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