Wild Daffodil has given such a comprehensive selection that I won’t try to compete and although I was tempted by some photographs I have of artificial trees, I rejected them too.

But I do have some apple tree photographs.

This is my original apple tree when it had been growing for a few years but before the man next door had grown honeysuckle the other side of my trellis which cut out the light. original apple tree

And here is my new apple tree. Young and hopeful. new apple tree

The same variety but a slightly different shape.

7 thoughts on “Tree

    1. Eating definitely! It’s a self-fertile Cox apple tree. But I do love the blossom too. They produce so many apples I have to support the branches. But this year, I thinned out the apples to have bigger ones but most stayed small. It’s only it’s second year though and last year I removed all the apples so it would grow roots.

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