Two new Celtic Coasters patterns

I have finally got around to publishing my two new Celtic Coaster patterns. Click on the either of the second or fourth photgraph below to find the pattern on Ravelry (or in the sidebar)

They are for the coasters I showed you in THIS POST which was over a year ago. However the patterns are now new and improved!

There is what I am calling an “Edged Celtic Coaster” Edged Celtic CoasterThis needs an edge because otherwise it is a rather strange shape. before edgingand an “Octagonal Celtic Coaster”. Octagonal Celtic CoasterThis doesn’t really lie flat without the edge and would be too small. edgelessThey are both on Ravelry for the same price as the original but if you buy all three before Christmas (2018) you get a discount and previous purchases count towards the discount.

I created both UK and US versions. It is surprising how long it takes to create the two pdfs, especially if you want them to be perfect! Hopefully they are near enough. They did get a lot of checking.

Here are some more colour choices for the coasters.

other Octagonal Celtic Coasteranother Octagonal Celtic Coasterother Edged Celtic Coasteranother Edged Celtic Coaster

6 thoughts on “Two new Celtic Coasters patterns

  1. They are soooo pretty! Definitly have them on my list for things to make soon.
    Do you think they would make good blankets if you make them bigger (I haven´t really looked at how they are worked so I have no idea if that would be at all possible…)

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    1. A bit tricky for blankets and you could only make them a bit bigger by using a heavier yarn. The octagon one might work because it’s the only one with straight sides but you would need to fill in the square gaps you would get when you fitted four together. Also as a blanket in a softer yarn the strips would tend to pull and gape in use. I made a Celtic cushion cover in acrylic and though it’s not a big problem the strips move apart a bit when the cushion gets squashed.


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