Lets Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Well not really rocks, though the ground does look a bit rocky in this photograph! cyclamenIt’s another of my occasional posts about my garden and baking. These are a few cyclamen that I planted years ago but are still managing to come up despite all the changes.

I am also rejoicing in my sedum spectabile. sedum spectabilewhich is aways at it’s best this time of year.

Can you see the red flower in the photo above. I was given one of these by my boss’s boss when I worked at the university, so at least eleven years ago. I thought I had got rid of them because they were spreading too much but no! they are tenacious. red flowerReally pretty but I can’t remember what they are. I did find out once.

And in the background of this photograph you can see the fuchsia which is still flowering, though for some reason, just on the lower branches. fuchsia

It made me smile to see that my lithodora had given me just a couple of new flowers. lithodoraI also have apples! Though am a bit disappointed to see how many have been dropping off. (More than in this photo!)fallen applesThere are a few that look as if they will be good to eat. apple on treeI think I must try giving them a gentle twist soon and see if they come off! There about four like this but maybe not so bad for the first year I have let the tree have apples.

Looking at the clematis I found a ladybird. ladybirdBut looking at the photograph the spots look wrong.

Now on to the Baking

This is where the ‘Roll’ comes in since I decided to try my hand at making baps. baps ready for second riseLots of flour, like the recipe said. These are before they had had the final rise.

Ready for the oven baps ready for ovenand cooked. cooked bapsThis photo is not quite sharp but you can see the insides were good. inside of bapMy son was coming to supper and had asked for burgers. I make the burgers myself, so I thought “Why not make the rolls as well!” so I used the bap recipe but added sesame seeds instead of flour burger rolls ready for second riseand made them flatter.

When they looked like this burger rolls ready for ovenThey went in the oven and after fifteen minutes looked like this. burger rolls cookedI think they will do!

I decided to have one for my lunch – just to check. inside burger roll

5 thoughts on “Lets Rock ‘n’ Roll!

      1. Lol. No pleasing some. My problem with home made buns like these is that they tend to have a thicker crust than the shop bought ones.
        That might just be my cooking though.

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