Behold a Blueberry Fairy!

My younger daughter bought me this book. Knitted Fairies bookI think it may have been last Christmas.

As always when receiving a book like this I feel that I ought to make something from it, although I really didn’t like the look of the fairy on the cover. She had an air of menace about her.

However when I looked at the patterns I realised that they all used small quantities of unusual yarns in pretty colours that I didn’t have and I knew it would cost a lot to buy them and leave a lot over, so I shelved the idea!!

Recently though ‘nanacathy’ alerted me to the fact that the book is meant as a number of suggestions and even the author does not expect you to make fairys exactly like hers. There are a couple of pictures of nanacathy’s fairy HERE.

I therefore looked through my leftover yarns to see what I could do.

And I made this fairy on mantlepiece

When I told my granddaughter that I was going to make a fairy like in the book and would she like her she said “Yes”.

So I think of her as a bluberry fairy because of the colours but I will leave my granddaughter to name her.

Apart from mixing and matching parts from the different fairies. I did choose to stiffen her limbs with some of thesepipe cleanersso she would be more poseable, although the book means you to leave them neither stiffened or stuffed.

The colours of the fairy were largely determined by what I had.

The eyelash yarn was left over from the Womble. Womble


The purple for the dress from my fairisle hat and cowlFairisle cowlThe silver was left over from my silver snowflakes and angel for Christmas. crochet angel The grey was a tiny ball in my bag of leftover Sylecraft Special DK and the Camel was a larger part ball in the Stylecraft yarn drawer of my merchant’s chest. Both left over from making blankets

The other yarn, mohair, that you hardly see here, as it is at the back, was from my first shrug. mohair shrug

The flesh colour was also quite a large ball that I had bought to make toys for my granddaughter some years ago. knitted ballerinaI embroidered the face. because I couldn’t paint eyes like the author had done and embroidery seemed easier even though I am not very good.

Here she is sitting on my mantlepiece along with the other ornaments Fairy on mantlepiece as it normally isuntil I get a chance to give her to my granddaughter who is now fifteen. I feel she is more of an ornament that a toy as I am not sure the stitching would stand up to rough handling.

And here is a back view. back of fairy

16 thoughts on “Behold a Blueberry Fairy!

  1. I love that you Cathy and I all have this book and have made one fairy each. I only made one as I didn’t like the floppy limbs and couldn’t get the face right – must have another go one day and use pipe cleaners for the limbs. They each have such personalities don’t they.
    A good stash-busting project.

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  2. She is lovely, and I like the way you embroidered her face, much better than the felt one I made. Good idea with the pipe cleaners in the limbs. I quite like the flopiness though, it adds to my Morganas general air of devil may care.
    I am now knitting fairy number two, so I will try the pipe cleaner and face ideas.
    The ears are a pain. If you would like to make another I have got loads of the hair yarn left , which I got at a charity shop.You are welcome to some.

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    1. I have been sorting out my really old yarn and found some more interesting yarn that could be used for future fairies. I did especially like the lips you made, I found them really hard to embroider. My ears are not symmetrical but I couldn’t be bothered to do any more. Not sure I couldn’t devise some better ones.


      1. Morgana is the one who insisted she needed a sister fairy, but already i can tell she is a much kinder and less bossy fairy, and I think might be a bit of a goody two shoes, who would annoy anyone especially Miss Sassy Morgana.
        I looked at your fairy again, amazing what a difference the hair makes. I have got some wonderful yarn for this one.
        The lips were felt, so maybe I will keep the lips and embroider the eyes. Good plan to ignore ears, hard to make a pair look like a pair.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I do think that a second fairy would be less demure than her sister and if made I have plans to do the legs differently to avoid the appalling seam up the back! But can I afford the time will all my other projects?


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