Spelt Bread

Recently I bought some wholemeal spelt flour to make a spelt loaf.

I made a loaf with spelt flour a few years ago and I remember liking the taste, though it may have been white spelt flour that time. I am not sure.

I didn’t know where I had got the recipe I used before so I used the one on the packet. It asked for 500g of flour so because I would be using my food processor I made half quantities. Half the recipe still called for one dessertspoon of honey and the same of olive oil which seemed a lot. The full recipe said to use two small tins so that was ideal for making half.

It made a very soft dough.  dough in tin

I was expecting this because last time I remember being advised to beat the dough in a bowl rather than kneading it. This recipe though talked of kneading!

It also assumed (unlike the food processor recipes) that you would be using quick yeast and so only leave it to rise once.

I left it to rise for a bit longer than they said so it filled the tin. (Actually I think 350g is a better quantity for this size tin.)

dough now risen

Then I baked it as instructed.

cooked loafNow I had thought of using my new bread tin. new bread tinbut the dough was so soft, I was afraid that it would ooze out throught the holes. I think that I made the right decision because although I greased the tin and used a piece of greaseproof, as I normally do, dough in tinthe loaf was very difficult to remove from the tin and I had to use my metal palette knife to remove it which is not a good idea with a non-stick tin.

The bread was not sounding completely hollow when I finally managed to remove it from the tin so I put it back, upside down without the tin, for a few more minutes.

I cut it when it was almost cool and ate the crust.

As you can see the holes were extra large and the inside was extra moist. I think there was too much water for that amount of flour which I had suspected when I put it in the tin.one slice cutThe crust was very tasty and crunchy.

I enjoyed the whole loaf but would look for a different recipe next time.

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