A birthday present!

I made my daughter a set of Celtic Coasters as I wasn’t sure what to make to give her for her birthday and I had a vague memory of promising her some of these coasters in the past. seven coasters arranged

I had intended to make either four or six but when I decided to use all seven rainbow colours, because I liked the darker blue so much, it just had to be seven!

Although I had posted the coasters, in the event, I was invited to spend the day before her birthday with her and have roast goose. So I thought a few photographs of the day would add to what otherwise would have been a rather meagre post!

I have to apologise about the quality of the photographs however: some were taken with my phone and the others in a bit of a hurry with my camera but I think they provide a narrative.

I was met at Oxford railway station and we went into town seeing a heron on the way. heronSome people had not had breakfast and there was a food fare in progress, so food was obtained:

a sausage in roll (Polish I think)sausage mealand curries. two curry mealsI had had breakfast but had a savory crepe later.

We went to the games cafe and played a fun game called Fluxx. playing FluxxMy daughter won both rounds. Well it was her birthday! And no we didn’t ‘let her win’; she is just clever like that!

Eventually we went to Aylesbury for roast goose.

I didn’t photograph the food before the meal but here is the remains of the goose! goose carcaseDeliciousl!

After the meal it was decided that my present would be opened.

Inside the jiffy bag, as well as the present, I had sent the socks for my granddaughter. socks being wornso she put them on while my daughter unwrapped her present. opening presentShe had no difficulty seeing the patternsorting coasters

and arranging them. sorted coasters on lapas you can see. seven coasters arranged by daughter

11 thoughts on “A birthday present!

  1. Lovely Oxford, what a great place to start the day. Please tell me more about the games cafe. We are thinking of having games available in the library, so I wondered how it works please?
    Tasty dinner, and lovely presents which I am sure will have lots of use. Curry for breakfast, not sure I could face that.

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