A Day in Dorset

For those of you who follow Wild Daffodil’s blog as well as mine this will be something of a reprise, though as seen by a visitor who forgot to put the SD card in her camera! – I blame the uncertain weather, so many other things to think about, like what to wear and what to take in case it rained, was cold….. What I didn’t consider was that it might be hot!

My camera does allow a few photographs in the internal memory, after that I switched to my phone. Luckily my current phone takes reasonable photographs though I have never bothered to learn the finer points, preferring a real camera!

I followed Wild Daffodil in taking a photograph of her walking off down the path. walking down path

But then I saw another of those excellent sign posts so I had to photograph it! signpost

We eventually arrived at St Catherine’s chapel.

Remembering St Catherine’s chapel that I had visited with my granddaughter St Catherine's chapel near AbbotsburyI had expected a ruin

but no! a charming little wooden chapel in current use. St Catherine's chapel. RingsteadInside inside the chapelThere were engraved glass windows that were hard to photograph but I did take a photograph of this dedication in the corner of one of them. window dedication
We sat and listened to the sea. sea viewand looked at the gravestones gravestoneI tried to take a selfie but I have never done it before and I notice mine makes our skin rather dark and spotted! joint selfie smaller is definitely better! (from a photographic point of view.)

After this we went to the Moreton Tearooms for lunch. tearooms

We both had the same which was quite delicious.lunchWe then went to a walk, chatting all the while of course!

children playing in waterWe went over this bridge it you look carefully you can see that it was quite narrow and maybe a bit scary! (I have a bit of a phobia about going over or under bridges.)

It was obviously the ideal place for fun with children in the summer but there were more rural views beyond. view down side channelAfter walking for a bit we headed off to St Nicholas’ church in Moreton.

This also had engraved glass windows. I was struggling to take photographs with my phone but here are a few.

The first was taken quickly of the inside. I was surprised to see that the East end consisted of an apse instead of the normal square chancel.inside church

This was one of the simpler windows but maybe easier to photograph on that account. candle window

This is the central part of a window in memory of members of the Finlay family. dedication window

The window that photographed most successfully was one in memory of an airman. airman memorial window

One day I must go back and do more justice to all that can be seen in this church. And maybe have a look at the outside.

In the graveyard we stopped to see T E Lawrence’s grave. TE Lawrence grave

After this we went to nearby Moreton Walled Garden for another stroll and a cup of tea. The garden was full of abstract sculpture though I did see one of a mushroom on its side.

No more photographs, though some of the sculptures looked worth photographing. Maybe when I go back for another look at the church.

After our tea, Wild Daffodil took me back to the station. It is a shame that Moreton station is not nearer to the village as the roads between are very much rural roads with no pavements.

All in all it was a wonderful day: so much to see and do and best of all an opportunity to spend time with someone who loves crochet as much as I do and is great fun to be with.

6 thoughts on “A Day in Dorset

  1. Oh what a lovely account of our day. I didn’t know you were nervous of bridges! you did extremely well in that case – that bridge is very narrow and squeezing past people coming the other way must have been a real challenge. Just as well the rest of the day was fun and relaxing. ❤


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