Sometimes you just want to wander!

Those of you who have been following me for a while might remember my ‘Adventure’ posts. However, when you have an outing sometimes “You just want to wander!” and so this is a record of some of that wandering.

The weather has been so hot lately that it has actually put me off going very far from home in the middle of the day. Last week, however, I saw that Wednesday was supposed to be cloudy in the middle of the day (at least round here) so it looked a good day for an outing. cloudsHere you can see clouds over the railway station that morning.

My first thought was maybe to go to Lulworth Cove that is a bit of a trek but so beautiful when you get there. From Southampton, you can get a train to Wool and then, some years, a bus to Lulworth Cove. Looking at a present bus timetable, I realised that the bus went further afield and looking at the map realised that Osmington Village was only about one mile from the beach and so made an alternative.

I arrived in Osmington after a great train trip and an even better bus trip sitting at the front on the top deck and seeing some of the beautiful scenery that Dorset has to offer.

So. first I had a cup of coffee at the Sly Fox. (I had noted that they opened before noon and served coffee.)The Sly Fox

“We just do ordinary coffee” I was told. I reassured the women that I found all these modern choices confusing and was very happy with ‘ordinary’ coffee. It was good too!

Then it was time to wander down to the beach past the Adventure Centre (for anyone who has a map – no photographs). View of the Isle of Portland

There in the distance was the Isle of Portland. “Of course we are near Weymouth!”

I was glad to leave the road and the cars (no pavements) and find a path. stile with writingSuch informative stiles. I had to photograph both sides. other side of stile“Ah, so I am now half a mile from Osmington Village.”

And beautiful signposts too. “I do like sign posts.” sign postAt last I get a view of the beach. view of beachBut how to get down there?

“Ah, there are steps!” steps down to beachI was very glad of the rails, I am always a bit nervous going down steep paths or steps.

After a wander along part of the beach, I settled down for my picnic lunch and a little crochet. crochetI noticed people in the distance who appeared to be going up, and deduced some more steps. steps up from beachNo rail this time but that didn’t matter going up. Looking back – the sea so blue (maybe even bluer than it looks in this photograph) so unlike the more frequent grey!

“Time for an ice cream!” Pre-trip I had also noticed that Osmington had a Dairy selling ice-cream. (No photographs of food or drink.)

On the way I noticed this branch of a bush covered in caterpillars. caterpillars on branchFor those of you who know your caterpillars here is a closer look. closer look at caterpillarsA bit scary really!

Having a bit of time before I needed to wait for the bus back, I decided to have a quick visit to the church.

No time for a proper look but I took this photograph of a stained glass window featuring St Osmund (to whom the church is dedicated) and St George. stained glass windowAnd another of the nave naveand the graveyard. graveyardI also, as is my wont, took photographs of various plants along the way but this is the only one worth sharing.  unknown flowerNot sure what it is.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes you just want to wander!

  1. So interesting to see my familiar patch seen from another viewpoint. My children were all christenend in the church and there are 3 family graves in the churchyard. I never walked the path and steps you show us as our farm went down to the sea. It would be fun to meet up next time you venture this way.

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    1. Not this week from what the Met Office tell us but I would be happy to have another outing in Dorset. I seem to have fallen in love with Dorset. Shame I didn’t know about the graves I would have looked out for them.

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