Harvest and new bread tin

There is only one thing that I grow to eat in my garden and that is garlic.

I just pop a few cloves out of the fridge in the ground in the Autumn, as the prepared cloves you can buy at the garden centre cost as much as a whole head of garlic at the greengrocers!

So here is my latest harvest drying on the dish drainer having been dug up and washed. garlic

I am also going to show you my latest bread tin. bread tinIt is supposed to create a crisper crust. So I thought I ought to try it out.

I made a white loaf and decided to try using a Stanley knife to cut a slash in the top. dough in tin and Stanley knifeI think I must give up trying as I am just no good at it, whatever I use!

Here is the final loaf. cooked loafI had wondered if it would be difficult to get out of the tin if the dough pressed into the holes but it was okay.

However there were little pimples over the sides and base of the loaf. pimply end of loafIf you look back to photo of the tin you can see there are less holes on the ends where the ‘crusts’ are created: sort of counter-intuitive. The first crust I cut off was lovely and crisp and crunchy but by the next day the crust was just ordinary, as crusts tend to be. So not sure if it makes a difference. I do have tins of a similar size with no holes maybe I need to make two loaves at once and compare.

7 thoughts on “Harvest and new bread tin

  1. The crustiest bread I’ve ever made is the sourdough and that is due to placing tin half full of water onto a shelf at the bottom of the oven, it’s amazing. I plan to try it with ‘normal’ bread and see if it works.

    I wasn’t having any luck slashing the loaves, even with my sharpest knife, so then tried a serrated fruit knife as I’d read that serrated is the thing. It’s good.

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