Another Never-ending card

I made my granddaughter an ‘Never-ending card’ for her birthday.

I tried a different way to arrange things than I had with my Easter card and an earlier birthday card.

The birthday card was the first one I made and I kept it simple with coloured edges a bit of writing and lots of stickers. The Easter card was designed and printed on my computer, so I could make several. Both of these cards had four different views to cycle through.

This time as I was only making one copy I decided to try colouring it by hand! Now I am not very good at drawing or colouring: my hand-eye co-ordination and muscle control is just not up to it. However I tried to do my very best and produced a card with eight different views as you can see below.

The outer part of the flames is actually yellow highlighter pen but there is no accounting for what cameras do to colours sometimes! You can see that I did add a few stickers that I had left from the earlier birthday card, more later!

when you open this out you get – Opening the card horizontally shows – Opening this sideways reveals the fourth and final view of this sequence. This is where I wrote the greeting in the four segments of the central button.

Opening this horizontally you get back to the original ‘Happy’ side.

However if you turn the card over and turn through 90 degrees, you see this  which opens onto this – Maybe you saw that coming?

Followed by – And another button – Again, another ‘opening’ brings you back to the ‘BIRTHDAY’ side.

Along the way I also found a version that uses eight pieces of card instead of four and gives four sides which are always square. I saved the template and may give it a try sometime.


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