Yet another project!

As those of you who have been following my blog for a while will realise, I am very fond of Port Meirion ‘Botanic Garden’ china.

Now, some time ago my daughter bought me these tea cups. I really like the shape as it makes them suitable as coffee cups as well. six cupsThe four in the front are some of the flowers designs that are also on the ‘oatmeal’ bowls. Perhaps for that reason my two favourite designs are the one at the back the scarlet pimpernel and broom ones.

Here is a photograph with my four favourites at the front. six cups other arrangementYou can see the pimpernel and broom ones on the right and get a better look.

Normally they don’t get used except when I have people here for afternoon tea which is rarely. However, in the summer, I do like to take a tray with a cup. a teapot and a jug of milk out into the garden and have two or three dainty cups of tea and maybe a cookie or a piece of cake.

The problem is that in an ordinary tea pot the tea will ‘stew’.

So several years ago I bought myself this glass teapot made by Bodum.

Bodum teapot

It is very clever in that the central part is a bit like a cafetière except that the plunger has no holes. So when the tea has brewed, if you push the plunger down the tea leaves are locked away.


However the teapot holds one litre, so when making tea just for myself, I only fill it half way, which is only just enough for the hot water to reach the tea. And recently the plastic at the top, which holds the filter part in place, has got broken, so when you tip the teapot to pour the tea, the central part starts falling out.

Now over the years I have made two teacosies for this teapot and am especially fond of the current one. You do have to remove it to pour the tea but it is so beautiful and fun!teacosyBecause of the issues with the central part coming loose and the size, I decided that I would look to see if I could get a smaller pot with a removable filter, as I know that these have become available, and I found and bought this one. new teapot

It is called a ‘Stump Teapot’ and comes in two sizes: a one-cup version that holds 400ml and a two cup one that holds 530ml. I bought the two cup one, as the other looked a bit too small.

Being ceramic it should naturally keep the tea hotter than the Bodum glass one or my steel teapot, but I still think that I would like to make it a cosy.

Not sure what but it will be a crochet project.

cafetière cosy
Pictures from earlier posts

Now do I make it in rainbow colours or blues or greens to harmonise with my two cafetières that it will stand next to?smaller cafetière cosy

All my previous cosies have been experiments in different sorts of knitting or crochet; so what do I try this time?

(If I went down the blue/green route, I had thought about using the Drops Alaska, 100% wool aran weight, yarn left over from my cardigan and the slippers I am making.)

Any suggestions gratefully received.



12 thoughts on “Yet another project!

  1. Much as I love the rainbow cosy you actually want it to look nice when it’s on the tray with the cup and milk, so pick colours that go with it, and I firmly believe that tea cosies should be knitted.

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    1. Yes, I have seen cosies that fit right over and ones where the handle and spout stick out. My crochet one is a bit of a hybrid. I could even make a fabric padded one but I don’t think I want to go there! Though they may sell Botanic Garden fabric. I have an apron!


      1. I too love fresh tea from leaves and have bought the same teapot recently. I can crochet so was looking forward to seeing your decision/design. I can follow a simple patter but would be hopeless at trying to make a design up for myself. I like the blue Crocodile stitch cosy that is called “the reveal” which somehow links to your page in my feed. If anyone could suggest a “kit” with everything that I would need I would be delighted. Looking forward to your decision andseeing your finished project. Best wishes Jaime

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