Past and future!

Had a bit of a funny week. On Monday I saw the consultant prior to my fourth and final chemo cycle. He decided that I should not have the infusion this time, only the tablets which left me both relieved and anxious. Relieved that I wouldn’t have to face the increasingly unpleasant side effects and anxious in case it lowered my chances of survival. I was just coming to terms with the fact that this meant I could eat cold food and go out walking when I began to go down with a virus. One of those funny viruses where there aren’t many outward symptoms but you just feel rotten.

Anyway in spite of all this I have put a post together for you.

You may have noticed that most of my posts lately have included crafting and bread and flowers. This is because these are the three things that keep make me happy and keep me smiling!

I will start with the bread this time, but scroll to the bottom if you are not interested in this part.

I decided to make a loaf like last time but to make it like the bap loaves I remembered from childhood. However I was so anxious that it didn’t get as flat as a pancake, because the dough was so soft that it was actually not quite flat enough. bap loafHowever the bread was good. here are three slices for my breakfast! 3 slices of breadTwo other things that have been lifting my spirits are the fact that when I do go out I come home to these forget-me-nots in some pots in the front garden (or front step as my younger daughter would have it!). forget-me-nots in potsThey are not really meant to be there but I haven’t had the heart to uproot them.

forget-me-notsso pretty – and an arty version. arty pictureAnd when I look out of the sitting room window when sitting on the settee, I can see the buds coming on my apple tree. apple tree in budHere’s a close up. buds openingI haven’t been feeling up to doing much crochet and haven’t any knitting but I have been thinking about future projects.

There are these slippers to make for James. slippersAnother thing I am planning to do is to buy some plain sock wool when I buy the yarn for the slippers.

I made these socks – socks for daughterand thesesocks for granddaughter

for my daughter and granddaughter. Since they like short socks, I reckon I have enough wool left to make another similar sized pair if I use different wool for the toes and heels.

More long term projects

I also have an idea for using up my scraps of yarn by making a cover for my cloth shopping bag.

It’s the one you can see in this photograph, though more grubby now! It will more than double it’s weight but will make it look pretty. So do I do it?

cloth bag

I used a scrap of yarn to make this piece of corner to corner crochet.corner to corner crochetAnd have used it to work out how much yarn I will need for the project. However I may still decide to use the idea for something else as I am not sure if I have that much scrap yarn.

I have also been working on an idea for another blanket. There is something very soothing about making a blanket. I just love ripples, so this is another ripple blanket in Autumn colours. I have been playing with different colour arrangements: something planned this time, not random. The idea is to make one the same size as my sea and sand blanket; i.e about 2ft x 4ft.

I have come up with two ideas, though I have not decided exactly which yellow and greens I want to use, especially as Stylecraft seem to have added quite a lot of new colours.1st colourwayThis was the first one, though of course I can’t get the colours spot on, yellow seems particularly hard to reproduce but maybe I just don’t know the right setting.

Later I wondered if this would be better. 2nd colourwayBoth pictures started out as a photograph of actual wrapped pieces of Stylecraft yarn. I suppose it was the lighting when I took the photographs, but the second one has a different texture.

Which colour way do you prefer?

13 thoughts on “Past and future!

    1. Edited your comment re corrections! 🙂 Thank you for the suggestions. I will look at the patterns I always like looking at other peoples ideas and creations but I did have a particular pattern in mind for this one. Thank you.

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  1. Hopefully you will soon be feeling so much better. The bread looks scrumptious. Forget me nots are so sweet and I think they look jolly nice just where they are. Well done on making socks, such pretty colours. I prefer your first colour way for the blanket.
    Take care, xx

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  2. For the ripple Autumn blanket I prefer the first one. The second one is too dull to me. Your Apple tree so little and soo cute,. I love the forget me lots too. Enjoy Spring and God bless you. You are in my prayers. Love your stuff.

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    1. Interesting that you found the second one dull as the colours are the same except that I have rearranged them and put in orange instead of one of the browns. Maybe the difference in texture and brightness is the reason. Thanks for your kind wishes.


  3. Je prierai pour vous aujourd’hui.Je vous souhaite la guérison.Vos travaux sont formidables .je ne sais pas encore crocheter le coin en coin mais j’apprendrai.Les chaussettes est un excellent moyen de s’exercer, les votres sont jolies avec la laine jaspée. Je vous souhaite une guérison rapide et du bonheur avec votre famille et vos projets.
    Maria d’ALGER

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  4. Best wishes and hope you continue to feel better. I’m jealous of your granddaughter’s socks! For the ripple patterns, I like the first one but I think it would look a bit less muted in terms of the colours if you swapped some of the brown shades for something a bit brighter. I’m not sure if it is my screen colours but the second one looks a little busy.

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    1. Yes it’s only the colours I am interested in as it is to be crocheted. Maybe that wasn’t clear. The ‘business’ is just a result of my method of creating the pictures. The second one turned out like that for some reason. And it is the ‘brighter’ version as I swopped a brown for the orange and rearranged some of the other colours

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    1. I think the seeds can get spread by birds or the wind because I had no forget-me-nots in this garden when I arrived. They just appeared a year or two later! Thanks for your good wishes. It’s people that have really kept me going!


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