Just a bit of a catch up

Started into the chemo last week. I found the most tiring aspect was not, as yet, a side effect but having to make sure that I did not encounter cold: objects, food, drink or air. At least this only applies for the first few days so should wear off soon! However having to boil a kettle every time you want a drink, even just to take a few pills (and there have been lots of pills!) is a bit if a pain and gets wearing.

All this has made me think more of just resting in between, not even done much sock knitting (except when hospital appointment was delayed by an hour and a half!)

Also my daughter came to stay for a couple nights and we had a lovely day on Saturday, visiting the Sea City Museum in the morning, then going to a Greek restaurant for a late lunch followed by home by teatime for a restful evening.

I did think however that I could share with you the next knitting project on my list that I am a little afraid to start in case a make a mess of it.

If you remember this recent crochet that I was going to use as a cushion cover. cushion coverWell the big question was what to do for the other side.

In the end I thought of this cardigan cardiganThat was meant to wear over summer t-shirts but makes my arms itch. Now I have quite a lot of  wool over which is obviously not very suitable for clothing and decided that maybe I could use the wool for the reverse of the cushion and knit a Celtic style cable square. This would give me an opportunity to learn more about cable knitting as so far my only attempt was the collar of this jumper. 

I found a pattern for a celtic style pattern I liked but the chart looks a bit daunting! chartThere is also all the swatching and counting to get the piece the right size. But maybe I might start it soon, with socks for when I go out and this at home.

20 thoughts on “Just a bit of a catch up

  1. Is your chemo weekly? or every other week? My daughter went through it not quite 2 years ago, still tires easily and has been unable to work. My sister is going through it now… first round (10 weeks) she was mildly sick only a few days between treatments, 2nd round wiped her out after 2 treatments, such that they postponed for a few weeks while her body recouped. Everyone is different. Don’t expect much and keep your projects short and simple! Take something to keep you busy while you’re sitting at the center.

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    1. My chemo is an infusion at the hospital for two hours every three weeks. (Only four times) and pills to take as well for the first two weeks after the infusion. Then a week off. So far, as I describe, the regime of pills and warm drinks is the most tiring thing but it does sound as if the tiredness will get worse and as someone who already suffers from what is often called Chronic Fatigue or ME this is not good. However I am trying to take care and not overdo things. Hence not pushing myself to attempt too much in the knitting and crochet line. I have started practicing with the cables though!. Sorry about your daughter. Being tired is no fun and even worse if you can’t go out to work.


      1. Reading a book is useful. Money to the author, if from a library, helping keep it open, Maybe from a charity shop so helping charity, review it on yur blog, to encourage sales, relax and aid your recovery. Book reading is positvely beneficial!

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  2. I always put spare hot water from a kettle in a thermos flask, would that help so that you don’t have to keep boiling the water – then maybe you could keep the flask by your chair. Glad to hear you were still able to enjoy a lovely outing with your daughter. Much love. Take good care of you. ❤

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    1. I have discovered a couple of days ago that if I put the water in a mug instead of a glass I can give it a quick zap in the microwave. However a new thermos flask would be a good idea. I took my old slightly broken at the top one when my daughter and I went out so I could have warm water at lunch time but most of the water leaked out! My daughter said the Thermos Ultimate is the one she would recommend. Argos sell it but I would have to order it as it wasn’t in stock when I looked.

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      1. I haven’t heard of that make of thermos – I love my Stanley Flask, keeps water hot for 24hrs and has a lifetime guarantee. I tested this as my flask that was about 12 years old failed and I sent it back to them – they replaced it straight away.

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