Two hats and a dishcloth

I have been feeling a little out of sorts lately, not sure which project to start next, so when I heard that the Apostleship of the Sea wanted hats (among other things) as Christmas presents for seamen, I decided to make one.

I found a pattern suggested by the Apostleship of the Sea in a different area which said that aran weight was best. Now I have quite a bit of yarn left over from making thisbed jacket because I adapted a pattern with three quarter length sleeves and a fitted body and so had to guess the amount of yarn to buy and I over-estimated.

The yarn is a lovely soft 100% merino wool so should be great for keeping seamen’s heads warm on chilly days.

I had enough to make two hats and here they are. I don’t feel the sewing up of the seam is perfect but it won’t show too much if worn round the back.

Another thing that I have made recently is a new dishcloth, as I reported I would be doing when I showed you this yarn. yarn

This time I made it bigger than last time, using 40 trebles across. dishcloth I used the same two rows of three border from my book as before although I chose it independently! Dishcloth foldedBecause it is bigger than before it does take longer to dry but I like it in use.

12 thoughts on “Two hats and a dishcloth

    1. Yes it is a pretty yarn isn’t it? I like it because it absorbs water easily and squeezes out nicely. Unfortunately, bleaching it to make the white bits white and kill germs will eventually take away all the pretty colours.


  1. Those hats look lovely and warm. I keep meaning to send some of my extra ones to Christmas at sea. I know that at least 4 of my friends received gifts from them when they were at sea over Christmas. Their crochet seamans watch cap is such a versatile pattern it’s one of my most used hats.

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    1. This is the answer I gave to someone else who asked the same question. “I can only think that your problem is one I have met which is knowing how many rows to do. Basically, you cast on the number of stitches indicated. Row 1: you cast off two then knit to the end. Rows 2-5: you follow the instructions as given, which basically increases the number of stitches by one either side of the centre. After this for row 6: you cast off 2 then knit to end and you continue each row casting off 2 and knitting to end until all you have is two stitches left and then you cast them off and you are done. I have known people in my craft group who stop after row 5. Hope this is what you need. Maybe I need to amend the pattern to give more detail.


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