Photo Challenge – Paint

Not an especially inspiring photograph but I wasn’t sure what to choose, most of the paint in my life is spread evenly on the walls! Photo Challenge - Paint

When I moved to this house most of the paintwork was in fairly good condition and the previous owners had left all the tins of paint that had been used for the different rooms so I was able to touch up where necessary. (They also left a few other tins)

The only room I have painted up to now was my en-suite with the Dulux paint you can see on the left.

The above isn’t all paint, there is also varnish and other things. I just went in the garage and pointed the camera! Luckily the light levels have picked up today (yesterday).


6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Paint

  1. I have a couple of shelves in my garage that look almost exaclty the same – as Cathy says – a social history photo. It reminds me of a wonderful exhibition I went to at the Foundling Museum in London, called FOUND. There was a stick on show that had been found in the artist’s Dad’s garage, the artist sawed it through to reveal years worth of different colours of paint that had been stirred. The exhibit was accompanied by a heartmelting video tribute to the Dad with vintage photos of family life. So good to be reminded of that – thank you.

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